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Delaine Le Bas
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Delaine Le Bas, Moizer Zsuzsa, Kristina Schuldt
I will be your mirror
22. June 2018. - 31. July
Balogh Tibor, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Keesic Douglas, Ladislava Gažiová, Greg A. Hill, Delaine Le Bas, Nyári Sárkány Péter, Raatzsch Jenő André, Szolnoki József, Camille Turner
Whose Nation?
Diasporic Renegotiation of National Identities
25. June 2015. - 30. July
Curator: Bak Árpád
Remarks by: György Péter
Delaine Le Bas
Say No To Identity Theft!
(As part of OFF-Biennale Budapest)
14. May 2015. - 19. June
Chto Delat, Nikola Džafo, Pavel Frič, LukᚠMüller, Delaine Le Bas, Damian Le Bas, Lisl Ponger, André J. Raatzsch, Emese Benkő, Stalker
If not now
Artists for the solidarity with and equal rights for roma people
17. April 2010. - 30. May
Curators: Anton Lederer, Margarethe Makovec