Sack, Sack Full of Sack…

Report on the Surprise Event Series

In the midst of the prevailing gift-shopping panic timed for the end of the year and ending in collapse, Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus, Father — or Grandma — Christmas), or perhaps, four colleagues (the fine company of Diana Ballon, Balázs Beöthy, Edit Molnár, and Zsolt Petrányi) with ornamental antlers, in connection with the event series entitled “East-West Divan — Artist Identity in the 21st Century”), offered us the gift of three exhibitions, all linked to each other.

This is, in any case, a heartwarming sensation, since we must confess, the occasional gifts of our loved ones in the rarest of cases involve euphoric joy and the condition of amazed happiness – perhaps because they are under the impression that every strange and unexpected surprise is just an undermining of our already unstable health. However, the passable result of the fatal self-destruction which can be shown to the patient is the most often suggested cure for the provision of quitting rigid and fixed habits.

If, on the other hand, the party at hand stubbornly holds onto certain series of actions (e.g., the long staring at of objects considered artistic in a closed space), while if the renouncement of this series of actions were to cause her/him unforeseen existential or spiritual damages (to such an individual, for example, as the artist, art historian, etc.), in that way it is by all means useful if we prompt the examination of her/his own expectations and habits — as a psychotherapeutic consideration — within her/his own living space.

Let us peep into the sack. And meanwhile, dumbfoundedly stand agape, be astounded, become disturbed, marvel or be shocked. Or just be childishly aware and rejoice in laughter.