Surprise 2

01. December 2001. – 31. December
MegnyitóOpening: November 30, 2001, 6:00 pm


This exhibition and event series presents some twenty international artists whose practices focus on the communicative power of the artwork. Taking on loan from the politics advertisement and the film-industry the key-concept of “turning point”, all works rely on a surprise effect that alters the viewers’ visual construction. As a means to hold their interest, the artists shift from a quick-readable aesthetics to relational methodologies to draw the attention from the message to the context.

The artworks in Surprise follow a strategy that instead of overburding the audience it facilitates the intelligibility of art in relation to everyday experience. Whereas the artists’ nourish with “take-away realities” questioning the traditional belief of the notion of art, art institutions have to confront to issues facing the current globalization contingency and its derived multicultural appropriations: How are the latter to communicate with their audience? How are they to integrate new-media technologies into traditional exhibiting modalities? How will the role and value of art infiltrate into the 21th-century culture jamming?

Artworld Anonymous, Dominic Eichler, Eike, Jeppe Hein, Tibor Gyenis, Attila Menesi / Christoph Rauch, Ádám Lendvai, Hajnal Németh, Albrecht Schafer, István Szilasi, Olav Westphalen, Eva-Maria Wilde

Curatorial team:
Diana Baldon, Balázs Beöthy, Edit Molnár, Zsolt Petrányi