Beöthy Balázs
3. February 2000. - 12. March
Opening: 3. February 2000 at 18:00

The elements on display correspond to form a single installation, incorporating sound and image. A loud panorama image, which sound is changing in accordance of the movement of the viewer.

The theme of the image is fed by GDR indian films, that is cinema, the Mezga family, that is tv and the forms of life of a buliding estate in the seventies.

Balázs Beöthy started to show installations at the late 80's. The first series of these works can be described best as spatial concept installations. The physical qualities of the given space of the presentation influenced their appearence, use of material and invoked the theme (0 Field 1989, Personal Warming Field 1991 Hierarchy of Beleives 1992, 11 Tattoed Orange Peel 1993).

The keyword for the second series of installations is context, where the role of the physical space is taken over by social space (II. 1991, Milieu et l ego 1993, Shop Within the Shop 1993, The Divine Proportione of Books Borrowed and Books Stolen from Public Libraries 1994, Travelling Secrets 1995).

In the second half of the 90's Beothy start to experiment with digital image. The typical works of this period are large format digital prints inspired by pop-culture. The latest items from this series are panoramic images, which compress a story into one single frame, making non-linear reading possible.

These images have been shown in Mucsarnok, Budapest and Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, among other locations. The piece on display in the Project Room of the Ludwig Museum integrates the experiences of both periods.