Jovánovics György
Dithyrambic Retrospective, L.W. Is Playing Chess With J.Gy.
16. April 2004. - 30. May
Opening: 15. April 2004 at 18:00
Curator: Néray Katalin
Remarks by: Marosi Ernő
The Museum has organised this exhibition to celebrate the artist’s 65th birthday and the publication of a monograph on György Jovánovics by the Corvina Publishing house. The exhibition has not been conceived as a traditional retrospective; it can rather be looked upon as a new artwork created by Jovánovics. The artist has selected a few characteristic artworks of his oeuvre and has placed them in a unique context.

Curtain Relief introduces the visitor to the exhibition, a piece from the artist’s object period, first presented in 1970 at the Fényes Adolf Gallery, Budapest. The art historian Ildikó Nagy has described this piece of art as the first indication of a paradigmatic change in Hungarian sculpture.

In this exhibition, one of the rooms as was presented in his 1980 exhibition at the French Institute, Budapest (Camera Obscura) has been partly reconstructed by Jovánovics. Along with this, he has also reconstructed his enigmatic Liza Wiathruck installation, so as to resume his unusual game of chess, marking the 200th anniversary of the genial polymath, Wolfgang von Kempelen’s death. The box installations (Ostgiebel; Kepler; The Birth of the Triangle; and even A Sketch Made within the Automaton) also pertain to this intellectual and spiritual motif.

The Péri Bagatelles series, dedicated to László Péri, one of the most significant figures of Hungarian avant-garde art, was first shown to the Budapest public at the Fészek Gallery in 2000, together with Jovánovics’s homage reliefs devoted to Kassák and Moholy-Nagy. Subsequently it travelled to Berlin, to be exhibited at the Neue Nationalgalerie in 2002.