Komoróczky Tamás, Sárosi Anita, Katarina Ševic, Szabó Ádám, Szűcs Attila
14. February 2008. - 14. March
Opening: 13. February 2008 at 19:00
It is a presentation of slowly but continuously changing videos. In a certain meaning the exhibition is the continuation of the Lightbox topic, as the images lit from the background seem to start moving.

The installation renders the moving images a material pesence similar to paintings or photos by showing them separately and simultaneously on monitors or projections.

The works of art belonging to the above-mentioned category have a feature which is worth examining more thoroughly: namely, their conceptual and formal differences determine the way of their presentation. It is not the same whether we see videos in a cinema, as part of an installation, or as moving pictures.

This classification corresponds to a certain extent to the possible conceptual-formal structures: a video can be narrative, it its beginning and end are significant; A series of figurative or abstract images, closely bound to their enviroment; or the observation of phenomena within the medium, within the electronic space.

(Eike: Softmanipulations)