Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Amanda Dunsmore, Denis Krašković, Beöthy Balázs, Nemes Csaba, Pacsika Rudolf
1. March 2008. - 26. March
Opening: 29. February 2008 at 19:00
Curators: Maja Fowkes, Reuben Fowkes
Rehab is a place to escape the terrors of modern lifestyles and their damaging influence on mental and physical well-being. In a system where we're constantly obliged to perform our social persona, Rehab is an emergency exit from the pressure to conform to the expectations of an omniscient social consciousness. Rehab is also a state of mind, a decision to press pause and unwind, a refusal of ideological conditioning and a rejection of slavish political engagement, a shrugging off of the burden of social responsibility and responsible socialising. Rehab takes us out of the rushing city and purifies us from mental pollution, it gives us the chance to refresh and recharge our creative energies.

The exhibition features the work of artists who in different ways and across various media engage with the idea of Rehab. Several of the artists, through their way of life, promote the idea of resistence and through their works investigate alternative ways of making, presenting and experiencing art, break down the barrier between art and life, while others give valuable examples of the renewal of quality of life through life stories and individual experiences. Rehab also features the work of socially-engaged artists on holiday or in moments of break, such as symbolic collective actions or individual protests against the seriousness and banaility of the everyday.