Nicholas Chardon, Csörgő Attila, Krystian Czaplicki, Erdély Dániel, Pavel Hayek, Karina Bisch, Ursula Neugebauer, Franz Riedl, Axel Rohlfs, Esther Stocker, Robert Urbásek
Search for Constructive, Concrete, Structural 2.
21. May 2009. - 13. September
Opening: 20. May 2009 at 18:00
Curator: Maurer Dóra
Remarks by: Perneczky Géza
The second exhibition in the series presents the work of 11 artists of the younger generation involved in concrete-constructive, structural art, a direction that has been present in European Art continuously for around 100 years.

As in the first exhibition, where the paintings, plastics, and installations of Hungarian artists only were on show, here too we investigate where this direction is going, how it will develop further, whether it will develop further, and how it is present in the work of this new generation, but this time looking for its character-traits in a wider, international context.

Dora Maurer, exhibition curator