Paralels between film and video
Remakes, series, experimantal film, early film techniques in Russian Video Art
11. June 2010. - 31. July
Opening: 10. June 2010 at 19:00
Curator: Blue Noses
The new technologies have enabled many people — even those no good at actual painting or sculpting - to succeed as artists.

Very soon it turned out that they are also no good at working with video camera. So video-artists first of all followed the track of film-industry pioneers in order to learn the elements of profession. Often unaware of it, they re-discovered methods of early silent films - short format, high-motion shooting, double exposure, tricks with camera switching-out invented by Geprges Méličs, etc.

Then - sometimes without meaning it - video-artists started to compete with media reality, recasting the images of music video, popular TV-series, advertisements, porno films or typical Hollywood blockbusters. The latter ones - in pursuit of stable success with the public - also tend to overdo sequels and repeats.

Our exhibition project puts together the whole history of relationship between video and cinema - from the re-invention of silents’ formal techniques to the remakes of cult movies. Oddly enough, among the helpless opuses under the disguise of video-art one can sometimes find really talented works. Authors of those are our friends - Russian video artists.
Blue Noses

Films shown:

Marina Belova, Alexei Politov. Come Out of the Shade. 9:39. 2008

Vlad Mamyshev-Monroe. Russia, which we have lost. 17:35. 2007

Ksenia Peretruhina. Hamburger. 0:58. 2005
Dmitryi Logutov. Expectation. Unnecessary. Interosculation of visible and real. 1:30. 2008
The Bluesoup Group (Alexey Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev, Alexander Lobanov). Gaz. 1:14. 2003

The Blue Noses Group (Viacheslav Mizin, Alexander Shaburov). If I were Harry Potter. 5:38. 2004
The PG Group (Ilya Falkovsky, Alexey Katalkin, Boris Spiridonov). Ilya Muromets. 2:49. 2006

Dmitry Gutov. Thaw. 3:52. 2006

The PG Group (Ilya Falkovsky, Alexey Katalkin, Boris Spiridonov). Vampir. 3:20. 2008.

Gor Chahal. Reveille. 0:50. 2000

Aristarh Chernushov, Vladislav Efimov. Schwarzen ecke (Terminator). 1:22. 2002
Sergey Bratkov. Alien (King-Kong). 6:18. 2005
Vlad Mamyshev-Monroe. Cafe «Elefant». 2:44. 2004

Alexey Buldakov. Sex Lissitsky. 2:07. 2007

Victoria Begalskaya. ???! 2:00. 2006

Ilya Chichkan. Hymn. 1:34. 2006

Bluesoup Group (Alexey Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev, Alexander Lobanov). In time of trouble. 1:35. 2000