Blahó Borbála, Fischer Judit, Huszár Andrea, Lendvai Ádám, Lucza Zsigmond, Surányi Miklós
Young Artists living in Jozsefvaros
10. September 2010. - 8. October
Opening: 9. September 2010 at 19:00
Curator: Lájer Vera
Remarks by: Lájer Vera
COMMON_spaces addresses young artists living in Józsefváros, the eights district of Budapest.

The creators define the spiritual and emotional content of the interaction between their home environment and the surrounding community in individual ways, which concepts are, at times, handled as fields of art.

These fields and layers accumulating on each other mark their own artistic space and systems of thought. The gallery’s exhibiting spaces are filled with and enlivened by place-specific works just to compose COMMON_spaces of their own.