Ádám Zoltán
New Works
11. March 2011. - 8. April
Opening: 10. March 2011 at 19:00
Remarks by: Beöthy Balázs
Each of the exhibited works drew its inspiration from places - and the ambiance associated with these places - that are far removed from Ádám’s everyday life.

The experience of freedom in breaking away from the city manifests in clear and striking colours, the use of few and simple motifs, and attempts at loosening the strictness of rectangular panel paintings.

The themes of the paintings - observed at times from close up, at other times from a distance - prompting meditation, or even just immersion in a mood.

The experiential material that served as a basis for the oil paintings can also be detected in the (parallelly created) drawing and watercolour series. These give a first hand impression of what manifests in a more concentrated, condensed form in the paintings.