Koronczi Endre
Hard to Ask
1. May 2011. - 24. July
Opening: 30. April 2011 at 16:00
Curator: Csizmadia Alexa
Remarks by: Karafiáth Orsolya, Legát Tibor
Endre Koronczi has no inhibitions when he is digging into our private sphere. Despite of this it is hard to get angry with him since he starts this painful process on himself. The exhibited works are moulded around the investigations of the various manifestations of love. It is unavoidable that Koronczi is presenting this from a masculine point of view; he is sharing the subjective male experience with the viewer.

Koronczi highlights the changing perceptions of masculinity over the past decade. If is often said that masculity is in crisis. This observation is questionable, but there is no doubt about the wider acceptance of the presentations of more layered masculine emotions.

The works of Endre Koronczi are touching upon the various stages of the life circle, they are able to talk about the so called "big questions of life" and investigate them in an exciting manner meanwhile manage to avoid the pitfall of solemnity.

The exhibition consist of videos mostly. Earlier works presented in new ways and completed with brand new works. The display is slightly maze-like. Three previous works are reconstructed, amongst these a gliding plane can be found fixed to the façade of Modem as if it were involved in an unlikely accident.