3. June 2011. - 2. September
Opening: 2. June 2011 at 19:00
Remarks by: Szöllősi Géza
Tarasewicz is active in the field of sculpture, drawing, and performance. The originality of her activities rests to a large extent on the uniqueness of the matter the artist uses and the subjects she raises.

Quite often content and form are here inextricably intertwined. In her successive projects Iza Tarasewicz creates a world constructed predominantly of organic matter (animal skin, guts, fur, fruit).

In her art Tarasewicz invokes her childhood experiences, her growing up in a village near Bialystok, where contact with nature was based on primordial directness, with no need to hide what is unsightly/unaesthetic.

Thanks to this first-hand experience Iza’s projects are not pretentious and she herself is always a person "from out there", who thanks to the lengthening of perspective has acquired a certain distance and thanks to education has been given tools to re-name "that" world.