Kis Varsó
The Battle of Inner Truth
11. November 2011. - 30. December
Opening: 10. November 2011 at 19:00
Curator: Fenyvesi Áron
Remarks by: Kékesi Zoltán
The newest project of Little Warsaw is an outcome of a process of an artistic research, which explored and examined the statuette database of hungarian public-, and private-collections.

The primary focus of the research was to explore the representation of aggression on statuettes and figurines – on such works, which ’depict’ military acts, patterns of agression in a deep analytical, or in a highly sensual way. The most interesting questions were raised though by the conceptual method which combined and formed series out of these autonomous semi-historical works of art.

The appearance of an inner landscape in the gallery – an installation of a fictive battle – gives place for the construction of dialogical situations between the autonomous pieces, which dialogues excavate secondary meanings out of the works, which start to speak about hidden motifs of a collective unconcious.

Little Warsaw is doing a serious exploration - still in a form of a playfull montage – in the archive of Hungarian cultural memory. And the artist duo by returning to their praxis based on re-contextualisation of sculpture is researching the artistic symbols of historical identity-construction.