Magyar Ádám
31. August 2012. - 28. September
Opening: 30. August 2012 at 19:00
Remarks by: Csizek Gabriella
Systematically and with determination, Ádám Magyar goes beyond the reality of the nature of existence in the 21st century in his series. In his perspective study; Squares, he photographed people passing through the same spot of the sidewalk at different times, thus both creating a square-scape that never existed in this form, which looks very real, and also recreating the rhythm of people using urban space.

In his Urban Flow series, Magyar retains the recognizable forms of the city’s various moving components - people and means of transport - only, while still objects turn into lines owing to the technique he used. These combined present an endless flow, as if everything became part of this process, and life created a new pattern of itself in front of our eyes.

Magyar’s latest series Stainless consists of subway carriages that are the manifestation of modern urban lifestyle presented in perfect side view. The citizens of various metropolises look at us from the subways pulling into the station; they are balancing on the borderline of being purely themselves and playing their momentary role of being a passenger, not giving anything up from the uniqueness of their personalities, and not giving anything more away than offered by the situation as part of the city’s mechanism.

Built on one another, the series in this exhibition present the road, Ádám Magyar has walked both as a journey within and in the geographical sense. This is the road he has walked in the process of projecting the internal image, starting from the constructed image demanding the use of traditional technical instruments to the image depicting the time-dimension that required the creation of a new device.

Gabriella Csizek