Lotte Geeven, Miriam Laussegger, Szigeti Gábor Csongor, Tóth Márton Emil
Citoyen 0100101110101101
29. September 2012. - 3. October
Opening: 28. September 2012 at 19:00
Curator: Német Szilvi
The exhibition Citoyen 010010101101111 draws on the mediated representation of the urban environment equipped by diverse techological prosthesis that got inserted in between the human eye and the corporeality of the surroundings.

Via these means ’pure perception’ is alternated into a subversive mode, making up a digital landscape describable with the binary code „0/1”. In its title, the exhibition refers to the scientific theses on computability developed by the British mathematician, Alan Turing, known for his research on the relationship between machine and man.

Deriving from Turing’s theorema that reduced all calculating mechanisms of configurations based on this binary code, the sensory operations driven the human apparatus intersects this model accordingly. It draws on the general modern obsession with all mechanisms also within our private interiour burgeois space, that guarantee the disappearance of personal objects.

Similarily, the artist s featuring the show, share a common inclination that cultivates a type of technocratism, when interrogating issues of perceptive strategies touching the topic of materiality of perspective, composition, projection, optics and observation. The exhibited objects all come from a sculptural need of volume and analoge spacial manipulation that are either transcribed, registered or adjoined with a multimedia setting. The objective zooms at the cityscape.

Szilvi Német