Brückner János
Groomed Happiness
5. September 2013. - 7. September
Opening: 4. September 2013 at 18:30
Remarks by: Nemes Attila
Happiness is one of our most subjective concepts. Its general definition or its measurement was almost impossible, till this time. The digitalization process and the intensifying online presence made the concepts and activities regarding happiness measurable.

This sum of our digital footprints is known as the ”Big Data”. Filtering it means a difficult and an expensive challenge; only worth knowing much about those who consume. Those, who not only want to purchase products, but lifestyle as well. They are the winners of the target segment. With this exhibition we are willing to help them to reach happiness.

Groomed Happiness is an event combining exhibition and discussions, in which ideas of young artists and theorists join technology, art, consumption and consumers. In Labor Bp the visitor can face an aspect of happiness, through the exhibited artworks and the related presentations.

Artists / participants / curators:
János Brückner -
Mátyás Csiszár -
Marian Dörk -
Zsolt Miklósvölgyi