Queen Elizabeth II Conciliates With Maria Geronazzo On Politics Of Eastern Opening In The Apart 2014 National Park
5. December 2013. - 4. January 2014.
Opening: 4. December 2013 at 20:00
Remarks by: Gerendai Károly
At the Christmas exhibition of drMáriás everything is about love. About the constant lack of it, how we search for it, how we find it, misinterpret it then lose it, forget it, hide it, expel it just to rediscover it, find it and gain it again and again even behind the masks of hatred and not being understood because in order to stay normal and to be able to live, we need endless amount of love and the understanding originating from it at every step along the way.

And what didactic examples does the artist use in his latest opus? The most astonishing thing is that this time he gives us grand pictures of landscapes where the Hungarian scenery is dreamlike and fertilizing at the same time. It also appears in its swamp-like and secret essence where familiar and fantastic creatures arrive, like in the spellbinding scenes of a dream news broadcast created from the elements of here and now.

These pictures, which were created based on shots taken in a National Park in the Mártély swamp, at one time portray Queen Elizabeth II boating, at another an unknown woman searching for her own face.

Besides we can see the latest pieces of his widely popular series which unexpectedly features portraits of famous people in the style of several world-famous painters, such as the portrait of Viktor Orbán in Roy Liechtenstein's style, Jimmy Zámbó in Toulouse-Lautrec's style, György Aczél in Dubuffet's style and many others.

Social criticism, art criticism and self criticism all in one, with the aim of making us see our place in the world differently, more unconventionally and shockingly through our own reflection in the mirror. And when it dawns on us and we painfully realize it, it should make us laugh and able to enjoy, accept and see our place in the world better and more tolerable through the lenses of art.