Stano Masár
After art
4. April 2014. - 26. April
Opening: 3. April 2014 at 19:00
Remarks by: Beke László
Stano Masár developed two distinctive strategies of self-reference in his latest works: first, as seen recently in the Kunsthalle in Bratislava (After Art), he uses the manipulation and transformation of the exhibition space as a tool for institutional critique.

Secondly and similar to this approach by manipulating, transforming art-historical masterpieces, he addresses also the art historical canon. By reducing the works to a simple visual language Masárs new interpretations literally clean up with concepts of aura, genius or any other kind of art historical constructs.

The exhibition at Chimera-Project reflects this two strategies by showing two site-specific work made for this exhibition and further more also earlier artworks with art historical references. Among them the famous pictogram series.

Chimera-Project itself is also involved in the problematic dynamics and rules of the art organism. The exhibition of Masár is therefore a challenge and an opportunity to reveal the inner politics of the system and also of our operation: with a peculiar way of installation of Masár’s most characteristic work, we make a strong intervention, with emphasis on almost invisible elements of the art institutions.