Csontó Lajos
Run with me
3. April 2014. - 30. June
Opening: 2. April 2014 at 18:00
Remarks by: Horányi Attila
The shopping centre hosts the installation entitled 'Run with me' by Lajos Csontó this year. It is a trick, a magic box which makes customers stop walking along the shops.

The black sheet hung in the middle of the space acts as a question mark that by being concealed promises us to reveal something. A limit that has been made to be surpassed.

On entering the space under the floating sheet a melody completes the spectacle. String music with low melody (a version of the song 'Not to touch the Earth' by The Doors) which creates tension but is familiar to us at the same time; and may remind us of the refrain „Run with me” of the popular song.

To see what the floating sheet is hiding, one has to enter into the aura of the artwork – has to stop in the dynamic shopping centre space that was designed to make people wander continuously. By stopping and looking up one may proceed. Under the sheet one is taken away to a distant place.