Martin Henrik, Mátrai Erik
Wave-space 05
16. December 2014. - 18. January 2015.
Opening: 15. December 2014 at 19:00
When watching the waves flow it turns off everything inside us that is consious. We do not think of anything, we just feel the space. This meditative experience inspired our Wave-space, which provides the viewer a simple opportunity of experiencing the endlessness.

Our water-drawing is continuing another of our earlier projects. We have executed the Wave-space four times indoors and outdoors by using UV reagent strings and wires.

These installations based on transforming two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional. The original sketches were simplifying the wave flow into a line system.

With the chalk-drawing we return to the beginning: the drawing itself. And we are curious: Can it become three-dimensional on the walls as well?