Péli Barna
Soundproof Zoltán 9
10. September 2016. - 16. October
Opening: 9. September 2016 at 19:00
Remarks by: Horváth Márk
Péli, who was born in Oradea (RO), and graduated as a sculptor at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest is often addressed by his critics as one of the most experimental and innovative sculptors in Budapest. His sculptures are basically about the central and timeless challenges of sculpture: gravity, balance and composition. Péli has a true talent in applying new technologies, which is fed by his curious artistic nature, thus he is able to create real instant constellations and spontaneous technical solutions.

Péli works with situations, which usually balance between installation and sculpture. All the groups of sculpture of Péli are absurd stories themselves, which contain banal and complex multilayered references and a big amount of private mythology. Trafó Gallery this time will become a dirty industrial operationg theater, in which Péli and his team creates mechanical manmachines and other anthropomorphic creatures during their posthuman adventure.

Péli’s unquestionable and instinctive use of material will create an ephemeral, dynamic exhibition in the space of Trafó Gallery. Péli’s polychromatic hybrids will hopefully revitalize Hungarian sculptural traditions for some visitors, while for others it will strengthen the faith in the future of sculpture.