Beöthy Balázs, Nemes Csaba, Pereszlényi Rolland
Milieu et L’EGO
(At the expense of the French Revolution)
9. June 2017. - 5. July
Opening: 8. June 2017 at 18:00
Curator: Bencsik Barnabás
Remarks by: Bencsik Barnabás
Partial reconstruction of an exhibition held at the Institut Francais, Budapest in 1993.

Reacting on an article about the stagnation of contemporary art, the artists compiled a questionnaire and sent to thirteen leading local art historian and critic. Based on each answers they created LEGO models and exhibited them together with the answers on an oversized table.

The models were dismantled after the exhibition as the LEGO stones were only borrowed from the company. For the current exhibition four of the models are reconstructed and displayed together with the answers, the video documentation of the original event and the article.