SCHEMA – Designs for Games
3. October 2017. - 21. October
Opening: 2. October 2017 at 19:00
The works of OSAS members are often characterized by rule-based structural thinking and thinking in systems with the potential of generating new ideas for games.

Our purpose is to exhibit games and design ideas for games emerging during the work process. In some cases, the working method used to play out variations of already completed works may be perceived as a game in itself.

Rules and chance are the building blocks of games: they demand creative thinking, insight and interactivity that, in turn, may bring pleasure and a sense of liberation.

The title suggests that every new game is at once a new schema and model, leading to systemic thinking and an opening of new opportunities.

Participating artists: Bálványos, Levente; Benedek, Barna; Eperjesi, Ágnes; Gáyor, Tibor; Haász, István; Haász, Katalin; Haraszty, István; Kelle, Antal; Maurer, Dóra; Mengyán, András; Nagy, Zsófi; Nem’s, Judit; Saxon-Szász, János; Szíj, Kamilla; Wolsky, András