Disintegrated world
27. October 2017. - 25. November
Opening: 26. October 2017 at 18:00
Eike, who lived in Hungary for almost two decades, is primarily known as a video artist but as well creates light-, sound and space installations. His exhibitions usually built on examining a certain idea or question which is looked at from several different, interacting angles.

On his present show he is interested in examining the changes and challenges of human life, when it is shifting into a new context of virtuality. Eike tries to find answers for a seemingly easy question: what is the world today?

He has several options to consider, and uses new medias, like videos, video objects, video installations and electronical pictures to channel his answers. The title of the exhibition foreshadows his answer, however, after looking at his works the viewer finds that it is not as disturbing as it first appeared.

What he really refers to is the different layers and particulars which make understanding a more complex and multifaceted task. We see demonstrations taking place in big cities, personal and communal moments which are reduced, froze or even speeded up by different digital interventions.

Dimensions and timelines lose their importance while falling apart in a modified reality, as Eike reveals his vision in his technologically complex world.