Building materials of the city
9. November 2017. - 1. December
Opening: 8. November 2017 at 19:00
Remarks by: Nagy Edina
The expression city can be interpreted broadly, but in terms of geography it refers to the certain way of land use in a region. It is a densely populated large area that consists of residential areas, industrial and commercial zones. Budapest, Miskolc, Párizs, Marseille… urbanized territories made up of countless streets and districts that all preserve the imprints of different architectural styles and ages. The history and cultural history of the 20th Century had a great impact on the style and material of the buildings.

It is a fundamental feature of cities that they need to serve only one species: the human. Due to the urbanistic and gentrification processes taking place in the last decades the heterogeneous urban environment and its maintenance became important for the citizens. The materials composing the city are lying in the urban space for weeks or months as objects, competing the public sculptures and street furnitures before they are used and freezed into buildings. Of course not only these appearing and disappearing heaps can show the materials of the city, there are a lot more romantic ways to look into the body of a building. Crumbling plasters, reconstructions, demolitions and collapsed houses.

Exhibiting artists: Róbert Batykó, Bence Bálint, David Renault (F), Guillaume Pellay (F), Gruppo Tökmag, Ishem Rouiai (F), Ken Sortais (F), Mathieu Tremblin (F), Pablo Tomek (F), Sándor Pinczehelyi, Károly Soós, IPUT (International Parallel Union of Telecommunications, trust.ee in bankruptcy of IPUT: St.Turba Tamás)

The international project consisting of two exhibitions was realized as the result of the cooperation between the 2B Gallery, the TELEP Gallery and the French Institute Budapest.