Xtro realm
8. November 2017. - 30. November
Opening: 7. November 2017 at 18:00
Speculative realism and materialism, object-oriented ontology, non-anthropocentrism; buzzwords of new philosophical strands aimed at questioning the dominant anthropocentric locution of Modernism and the Post-Modern, alongside the fact that our main narratives set the world into a vertical hierarchy where humanity stands on top, subjugating flora, fauna, and the world of the objects. The new philosophical discourse — formed at the 2007 Goldsmith conference, Speculative Realism — comprises the above mentioned different strands of thought that are diverse in their interests, but all agree on the significance of the assumption that a reality independent from human cognition exists.

The recently initiated xtro realm program examines these questions throughout a series of events. Lead by invited moderators, we introduced and discussed the most exciting aspects of these philosophies in the form of a reading circle. The events were organized by the Studio of Young Artists' Association (FKSE) and the József Attila Circle (JAK).

The upcoming exhibition is a second phase of the events, showcasing participating artists’ pieces related to the theoretical ground covered. As art theory has always had an interest in the relation between the arts and reality, some obvious questions arise in response to these new streams of thought; how can an artwork reflect a change in the perception of reality? Is it possible to overcome our worldviews shaped by our human conditions? What role the artist play when in dialog with philosophical strands that argue against the subjective interpretations of reality? How does the role of the recipient and that of interpretation change in this set-up? What are the models for equal cooperation between art and science?

The xtro realm exhibition is part of an experimental program that intends to display how the problem of anthropocentrism is addressed in artistic practices and how artists can create situations that give broader space for contemplation about anthropocentrism.

Exhibiting artists: Orsolya Barna – Kitti Gosztola – Bence György Pálinkás, Gideon R. Horváth, Botond Keresztesi, Iván Rohonyi-Demkó, Adrienn Seemann, Rita Süveges, György Szimán, Kata Tranker, Anna Zilahi

Organisers: Gideon R. Horváthn, Anna Zilahi, Miklós Zsámboki