Tilo Schulz
Seizing two moments at once
26. January 2018. - 23. March
Opening: 25. January 2018 at 19:00
Exhibited at the acb Gallery, the latest works of Tilo Schulz (1972) were conceived in the intermediatic border zone characteristic of the artist. Also active as a curator and poet, Schulz’s work is centred on questions of presentation and representation as well as the common plasticity of space and reception.

The installations of Tilo Schulz interpret the space as more than a neutral medium: they treat it as a primary component owing to its architectural qualities, perception and the recipient’s experience. At the same time, the aesthetic and conceptual horizon of the pieces, which are often also related to painting, is enhanced by connotations of the social and individual spheres of closedness, openness, transitoriness and intermediacy.

In addition to his site-specific text-based work and installation designed for the space of the acb Gallery, Schulz also presents more intrinsic, autonomous pieces, while the structural unity characterising him evolves through material similarities in the media used, similar phenomena relating different techniques, and interferences among these.