Batykó Róbert, Halász Péter Tamás, Kis Róka Csaba, Szalay Péter, Tarr Hajnalka
26. January 2018. - 23. March
Opening: 25. January 2018 at 19:00
In 2018 acb Gallery celebrates its 15th anniversary. For this occasion, in the course of the year, several events and exhibitions will reflect on periods or aspects from our history of one and a half decades. The exhibition 10 presents five middle-generation artists with whom acb Gallery has been collaborating for exactly 10 years, and who represented the youngest generation of Hungarian contemporary art 10 years ago. Gallery owner Gábor Pados selected his favourite pieces from the latest works of these artists.

The emergence of a new generation of artists was a key factor in the rejuvenation of acb Gallery, and the tangible result of this decade-long collaboration is at least as important in terms of the gallery’s identity as it is with regard to the practice of each artist. Not only was the artist-gallery relation determined by this interaction, but it also characterised the relation between individual artists, especially in the beginning, when work and discussions in shared studios gave significant creative and intellectual inspiration for individual practice to become fully fledged. The most memorable site of these was the by now legendary atelier house in Kecske street, where many of the current exhibitors used to work.