Paranormal Archaeology
7. April 2018. - 4. May
Opening: 6. April 2018 at 19:00
Curator: Istvánkó Bea
Remarks by: Szoboszlai János
The exhibition is a probe into the world of disinformation. A visual guide on the way towards creating the only truth according to the current needs of an individual observer. Artefacts and standpoints considering the history written by the winners, distorted by the losers, and with the vested interests of those to manipulate a spectator.

A reaction to the general information overload – the condition that provides space and an illusionary right of every individual to hold their “own truth“. The exhibition is an antipole or the right hand to the world of “alternative journalism“. Fact? Or fiction?

Exhibiting artists: Viola Fátyol (H), Sebastian Komacek (SK), Dionýz Troskó (SK), Jozef Vanco (SK)