Drozdik Orsolya
Sensuality and material
28. September 2018. - 11. November
Opening: 27. September 2018 at 18:00
Curator: Sulyok Miklós
The exhibition includes a selection of drawings, paintings and videos, as well as my most recent Cell Paintings (2017–2018). I created these paintings (62 pieces) last year in Paris and later in New York (48 pieces), and I have not yet exhibited them anywhere.

The new pictures recall my series entitled Biological Metaphors, one painting installation of which I exhibited in 1984, exactly 34 years ago, at the Budapest Gallery.

The exhibition offers a glimpse into a work process. It is a cross section of the preparatory work, and I also consider the ways in which my new compositions find their place in the space of the gallery, how they become an autonomous unity, a phase of this process.

Orshi Drozdik