Szinyova Gergő
No Abracadabra
9. February 2019. - 24. March
Opening: 8. February 2019 at 19:00
Curator: Fenyvesi Áron
Gergo Szinyova’s artistic practice in the last decade is centred around the renewal of the language of abstract painting. Szinyova’s abstraction is an aftermath of the age of the digital image, inspired by different forms of reproduction and printing; while his series also reflect on the seemingly endless stream of images.

In his artworks, he confronts the relevancy and uniqueness of painterly gestures with the possibility of the perpetual reproduction of images. In light of the above, his new paintings at Trafó Gallery carry different graphical references and visual crosstalks, from color misregistrations to sequentially repetitive motives typical of the graphical process of risography.