Floral centerpiece
22. February 2019. - 13. April
Opening: 21. February 2019 at 18:00
Curator: Sárvári Zita
The theme of our upcoming exhibition is the motif that constantly revolves and rejuvenates in the arts, that is, the flower. The greatness of this classical subject is its simplicity. Throught this exhibition we aim to keep alive this eternal theme and intend to present a variety of its representation in different media. We also plan to re-think the relationship between fine arts and literature, - it is certainly not unconventional but rarely happens is a gallery setting - we will exhibit sevelal poems along the artworks.

The poems will be exhibited as single artworks, placed on the walls, along with the paintings, drawings, photos and objects. The selection is not aiming to continue the long discourse of esthetic polemia, but intends to present these sistermuses parallel to each other. We do not want to make „poetry to a speaking picture, painting to a silent poetry”. (Lessing) We believe that poetry has a place in an exhibition situation, where literary and visual arts affect one another and as well reveal new readings and perceptions.

Artists: A.K. Blakemore, Csató József, Gáldi Vinkó Andrea, Kemény Zsófia, Kiss Adrian (Art + Text), Klenyánszki Csilla (Trapéz Galéria), Moizer Zsuzsa, Pósalaki Anett, Simon Márton, Szucs Attila