18. August 2019. - 3. November
Opening: 17. August 2019 at 16:00
Curator: Don Tamás
The exhibition approaches the topic from historical, social and personal stories, and consists of three parts: in the first part, artists who have already dealt with the topic of family in their work create new pieces.

Considering that the topic is also emphasized in contemporary literature, it is important that literature be present at the exhibition. Not only will we display particular texts, but artists working in different genres will choose a poem and adapt it to another medium.

In the last phase we will present theresults of a half-year workshop led by Péter Pettendi-Szabó, the participants of which are people from Debrecen and the surrounding region who are interested in family photos.

Exhibited artists: Áfra János, Balogh Viktória, Esterházy Marcell, Kocsi Olga, Kemény Lili, Kolos Ádám, Maria Lima Victor, Nagy Csilla, Nemes Csaba, Németh Ilona, Oravecz Imre, Puklus Péter, Schuller Judit Flóra, Sallai László és Szabó Benedek, Szász Lilla, Turi Tímea, Závada Péter