Bosch+Bosch and the Vojvodina neoavantgarde movement
13. September 2019. - 17. November
Opening: 12. September 2019 at 18:00
Remarks by: Boris Buden
The Subotica-based Bosch+Bosch Group (1969–1976) was one of the artist collectives that started emerging across Europe and other parts of the world in the ‘60s.

The occasion for this retrospective show is that the group was founded half a century ago, as the second collective of its kind in Yugoslavia.

Showcasing almost 500 artworks, the exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the Vojvodina neo-avant-garde movement, giving insight into other similar endeavours of the ‘60s and ‘70s in Vojvodina, as well as local antecedents from the previous period.

The retrospective show is presented to the public by the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and the Marinko Sudac Collection from Zagreb as well as other resources, putting on view the complete array of the group’s exceptionally complex opus for the first time. Built around the oeuvres of Attila Csernik, Katalin Ladik, László Kerekes, Slavko Matkovic, László Szalma, Bálint Szombathy and Ante Vukov, the exhibition will subsequently travel to venues in Croatia, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

Having fostered relations with specific circles of Hungarian progressive art in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the image of the Subotica-based Bosch+Bosch Group was considerably affected by the bicultural identity and bilingualism of the border town. The collective transmitted the international merits of the early Hungarian avant-garde towards the South Slavic region while informing the Hungarian art scene of the latter’s contemporary endeavours. The group continued its self-imposed mission as a channel of dissemination until its disbanding in 1976.

The Hungarian capital’s audience now has a chance to get acquainted with a historical corpus that is remarkably rich in terms of artistic language and genres: in its intersections we find artistic interventions in urban and natural environments, land art, arte povera, project art, written, graphic and visual poetry, text and concept-based conceptual art, visual semiotics, art comics, sound poetry, behavioural art, action art, performance art, mail art and artist’s books.

Exhibiting artists: Bosch+Bosch Csoport: Csernik Attila, Ladik Katalin, Kerekes László, Slavko Matkovic, Szalma László, Szombathy Bálint, Ante Vukov, Kôd Csoport: Slavko Bogdanovic, Mirko Radojicic, Slobodan Tišma, Peda Vraneševic, valamint Ács József, Vladimir Kopicl, Petrik Pál, Bogdanka Poznanovic, Verbumprogram