George Legrady
The Continuity of the Still Image
28. February 2020. - 24. April
Opening: 27. February 2020 at 18:00
Remarks by: Kozma Zsolt
Born in Hungary, raised in Canada, living, working and teaching in Santa Barbara, California, throughout his oeuvre George Legrady has been exploring the effect of digital media on culture. In photo-based works, interactive media installations and computer generated data visualisations, he experiments with the aesthetics as well as the representative and narrative potential of images generated from traditional photography and digitally processed visual content.

I line with that, the exhibition at INDA Gallery showcases a selection of works focusing on historical narration, personal memory, the significance of the viewpoint, its relation to time and space. In lenticular prints, videos and interactive video installations made from still images, and computer-sliced archive photos, images from archival materials from the history of Hungary are projected on one another or are juxtaposed with moments of emigree life in the 1970s in Canada, and those of today.