Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Andreas Fogarasi, Roman Štětina, Imogen Stidworthy
Agency of Undertones
5. September 2020. - 18. October
Opening: 4. September 2020 at 19:00
Curator: Szalai Bori
My only weapon is listening. Listening, in which the power of silence meets the potential of attention to the audible layers. Listening, which is able to reveal what extends beyond the visible layers and to perceive sounds and voices that are masked, hardly accessible or silenced. The leaking noise of suppressed gunshots and beatings, the barely detectable rumbling of violence, of abuses of power and of distorted facts as well as sounds that resist the limiting force of walls or fences.

Trafó Gallery provides space for these sounds and for a kind of attention that is focused on the underlying layers that filter through surfaces. It is this kind of attention that distinguishes hearing from listening, sounds from undertones, and that leaves room for concealed truths and hidden intentions.

Official technical partner: Christie
Supported by: AUDMax, Genelec, Panphonics, Czech Centrum, University of Pécs, Zsolt Honfi Zsolt, NKA, Káli Kövek

››› Important information concerning the pandemic COVID-19:

For our common protection, it is mandatory to wear a mask or a scarf that covers both the mouth and nose in all spaces of Trafó. If you forgot to bring a mask with you, you can also buy one from our staff at the box office. In some of our public spaces - namely in our cafés - it is possible to purchase and consume foods and drinks, however we kindly ask you to wear the mask again after consumption.

Trafó Gallery can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. When entering, please use the hand sanitizer. Please don't forget to pay attention to maintaining social distancing. Trafó's air changing ventilation system is under increased operation. At Trafó Gallery, the headphones used during the period of the exhibition are disinfected several times a day. If you have any other questions about your visit, please feel free to get in touch with us!