Radek Brousil
There was a choir, there
21. November 2020. - 15. January 2021.
Opening: 20. November 2020 at 18:00
“I don't know if anything at all will be alright.”

Main hero of Radek Brousil’s film in a half-dead fish costume wanders through a city and a country in a mental dialog speaking to a female hyperobject about the end, shame, guilt and possibility to do something. Skateboarding, smoking cigarettes and questions about “feeling the butterflies” together with long, distancing shots and captivating music as if would refer to melancholic romance of independent 90s cult movies.

The authenticity of intimate experience is however constantly alienated by the overall theatricality of costumes and props, overplay, cut-ins, corny declarations and mainly ever present shadows of real catastrophe. Intentionally unresolved ambivalence of intimate and real-life drama can be hence read as resolutive appeal.

Textile objects and staged film photographs further problematise the malleability of seemingly contradictory linking of activism and escapism. Critical reading of Czech culture and history mingles with personal sentiment for the landscapes of our childhood.

Radek Brousil (1980) is an artist living in Prague. Following his earlier experiments in spatially extending photography, Brousil’s recent work complements the traditional photo format with video screenings and textile/cheramics based installations.

Glassyard Gallery introduces Brousil’s artwork for the first time in Hungary with a collection especially designed for this occasion. The collection features new video work by Brousil with an accompanying photo series depicting with unique sensitivity, powerful musical motives and dream-like pictures the generational feeling that appears ever-more strongly in our everyday lives as we drift towards an inevitable climate catastrophe.

Due to the uncertain circumstances regarding the current healthcare situation the gallery can be visited by appointment only. You can make an appointment by this email, info@glassyard.hu.