Ilona Lénárd
Intuition & Procedure
13. January 2022. - 8. February
Opening: 12. January 2022 at 18:00
Remarks by: Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán
The exhibited works by visual artist Ilona Lénárd comprise both analogue and robotic paintings and tapestries. In addition to the acrylic on canvas works freshly painted with paint rollers and markers for this exhibition, we also selected from her previous series.

The title refers to the aspect of the intuitive analogue acrylic paintings and their robotic aspect, and to the emotive aspect of the algorithmically designed and robotically produced acrylic paintings. Lénárd's Q series and Pattern series, made during her stay in Qatar in her studio at the cultural center Doha Fire Station, are intentionally based on quasi-robotic procedural gestures, put on the canvas by intuitive, personal and above all powerful movements.

The robotic paintings are based on intuitive gestures freely drawn in three dimensions with a 3d digitizer, thereby producing data that function as input parameters to the algorithms controlling a large ABB robot arm. The robot arm holds a 3d printed placeholder for the wide tipped acrylic markers, the same markers as Lénárd uses for her intuitive analogue acrylic paintings.

Besides the acrylic paintings also jacquard woven tapestries are shown, made in a Holland, which are derived via a computerized interpretation from her earlier Omniverse acrylic paintings.

The exhibition shows the empathic confluence of intuitive human procedure and calculated robotic processes.