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When Necessity Becomes the Norm (A Poor Retrospective)
27. June 2009. - 7. August
Opening: 26. June 2009 at 20:00
Curator: Török Adrienn
Aggtelek is a group of two young Spanish artists, Xandro Vallés and Gemma Perales. The artwork by Aggtelek exists at the boundaries where performance, installation and ephemeral sculpture overlap. The principal axis of their work is the reflection of how the creative processes are shaped by artists’ interaction with space and its material aspects. Within their activity, artists playfully construct, deconstruct and reconstruct sculptures, characters, objects as well as the scene itself, mainly using cardboard boxes, scotch tape and paint.

The permanent transformation, disintegration, rearrangement and further reorganization of objects and space adds up to a never-ending process. The physical objects that are born from the artists' work are only by-products, the emphasis is on the activity and its documentation. If the video is the centre of their artwork, the objects presented as well as the scene of the artwork emerge as traces and memory of the evolutionary structure of their performance.
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