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Káldi Katalin
Velocity of Objects
8. December 2018. - 10. March 2019.
Opening: 7. December 2018 at 17:00
Remarks by: Zsikla Mónika
We can view objects as if they take the shape of fix constellations in their relations to each other, and also as if they are constantly moving, either together or separately. We do not have to choose from the two approaches, it is beyond our capabilities what our senses and intelligence make possible, comprehendible for us.

This time my works manifest themselves in the latter way: they suggest the series of movements, and their continuity.

Direction is inseparable from movements, so is motion. Vector is a quantity that has both dimension and direction. The novelty in these illustrations is that they do not depict “being,” certain constellations or conditions, but they move and their motion becomes visible. The occurring objects move with the same slowness or fastness as vehicles, for example in Star Wars.

Placing the individual groups of objects side by side shows even clearer that what is important is their central point, and what they have in common is that they are organized around the “one.” These are arbitrary figures (not all of them regular) yet of defined, principled shapes, just slightly incidental.

They surround their central points or centers of gravity, and carry it on their paths. In the militant strategy games (chess for example) movement, changing of position is the organizing power, the evidence. This evidence is presented this time.

Katalin Káldi
exindex 2000-2008
C3 Center for Culture and Communication