Beöthy Balázs, Erhardt Miklós, Esterházy Marcell, Keserue Zsolt, KissPál Szabolcs, Polyák Levente, Société Réaliste
The Other City
8. December 2006. - 21. January 2007.
Opening: 7. December 2006 at 19:00
Curators: Szemerey Samu, Somogyi Hajnalka
The exhibition explores a peculiar field of East European urbanity – the world of housing estates, the architectural experiments of industrialized production. These manifestations of the 20th century modernism's social utopias offer a rich terrain for artistic reflection. Architecture and its cultural-political dimensions more and more often become the subject of contemporary art – our exhibition aims to map the intellectual context created by the dualities of communal cooperation vs. autonomous artistic activity; social-scientific concepts vs. civil uses; political representations vs. spontaneous identities; utopias vs. localities; planned economy vs. personal latitudes in the context of prefabricated housing estates.

Artist talk
Tuesday 12 December 2006, 7 pm

The trees have grown – discussion
Thursady 18 January 2007, 7pm

International Screening Program
Saturday 16 December 2006, 6 pm
Saturday 13 January 2007, 6 pm
With works by Dan Acostioaei, Zbynek Baladran, Andreas Fogarasi, Ion Grigorescu, Matthias Müller, Mona Vatamanu / Florin Tudor, Clemens von Wedemeyer