Nagy Kriszta
15. September 2010. - 16. October
Opening: 14. September 2010 at 20:00
The Godot presents, Andy Warhol!, no. Basquiat!, no. The Godot presents x-T - Kriszta Nagy Fifty-six exhibition where Kriszta Nagy reproduces paintings of Basquiat - by her own hand, because she doesn't have money for machines - and authenticates them with her signature.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is not well-known in Hungary, so he's famous all over the world, he would be this year 50 years old if he wouldn't die when he was 28, this fact didn't prevent him to make about 3000 artpieces and to keep the "price of one squaremeter" of his artworks - which expression doesn't exists of course in the dictionary of art trading - above 20 million HUF.

On 14th September 1985 he presented an exhibition together with Andy and on 14th September 2010 Kriszta Nagy join the boys. With the spirit of Warhol and multiplying the works of Warhol's friend x-T is figting for the freedom of her art, she doesn't repeat herself, she repeats Basquiat.

She doesn't paint nagykriszta paintings as it is expected from her but Basquiat paintings. Why not? Maybe this is not allowed? Maybe it is not free to steal anything in this country? Kriszta Nagy steals Basquiat paintings and sell them about 20 million HUF cheaper. Small sized, original paintings on selling from 56.000.- HUF in the Godot Gallery! Be quick, we have just 56 pieces!

To the 50th birthday of Basquiat at a lot of places all over the world - in New York, in Paris - opens and opened exhibitions from his works. Except Hungary. Maybe 56 years later. The artist remixing the Basquiat paintings touches this probelm and others which are are in deep connection with our country.