Csáky Marianne
19. June 2011. - 29. July
Opening: 18. June 2011 at 19:30
Curator: Szoboszlai János
Remarks by: Hornyik Sándor
The source material is an old European (Hungarian) home movie. I re-shot some sequences and stills of this movie in Kunming, in January 2010, asking my Chinese colleagues and friends to perform the original scenes in their interpretation.

In this project the process itself, thinking together and working together with others, is as important as the result. This way of working can add new aspects to the process of interpreting and re-interpreting history and re-writing memory and, by this means, it also provides remedy and release from fixed notions and images.

My aim is to experiment with the way we construct ourselves and our vision of the world.

Marianne Csaky