Gábor Imre, Gerber Pál, Gerhes Gábor, Hejettes Szomlyazók, Július Gyula, Kicsiny Balázs, Kungl György, Thomas Mulligan, Sugár János
Heavy Industry
Visual traces of the system change
5. November 2011. - 9. December
Opening: 4. November 2011 at 18:00
Curator: Hornyik Sándor
Remarks by: Andrási Gábor
The "primary", art history aim of the exhibition titled Heavy Industry is to collect again and with the help of contemporary documents (invitations, posters, photos, films) to contextualise the legendary, 1989 Blue Steel exhibition that was set up in the Lajos street Exhibition Hall of the Budapest Gallery, with the participation of Imre Gábor, Pál Gerber, Gábor Gerhes, Gyula Julius, Balázs Kicsiny, György Kungl, Thomas Mulligan, János Sugár and the Substitute Thirsters.

The title Heavy Industry itself refers, on the one hand, to the political and cultural situation in which the exhibited works of art were created in the second half of the eighties, that is the transition period and the post-socialist visual culture. On the other hand, the title also expresses the difficulties of the reconstruction and the interpretation. In line with this, the "secondary", cultural history aim of Heavy Industry is exactly to present a significant arts segment of the period of the régime change through concrete works of art.

dr. Sandor Hornyik