Csiszér Zsuzsi
Strategic vision - map-sketches
6. February 2013. - 1. March
Opening: 5. February 2013 at 18:00
Zsuzsi Csiszér has reached a new stage in her self quest. She partly found the answers to her questions (yes or no), so now leaving those behind, she started another problem solving. Huge sheets with arrows, dashed lines, geometric shapes and sometimes with little drawings.

These are Csiszér's „maps”, imaginary exits for the artist – or even for the spectator – from specific situations. Visualisation of fictitious strategic plans. However, the emphasis is not on searching a way out, but rather on working out solutions, possible ways to survive.

Just like during her previous project, the meditative style of the work process helps the artist to turn to her inner self. While a big blank page is getting full with tiny dashed lines, Csiszér works out solutions for the situations and problems she is concerned about.