Baksa-Soós János, BernáthY Sándor, Darvas Árpád, Díner Tamás, Haris László, Kemény György, Koncz András, Konkoly Gyula, Kovásznai György, Méhes Lóránt, Pecsenke József, Sarkadi Péter, Veszely Ferenc
Hungarian hippies
The hippie movement and underground art
7. February 2014. - 28. March
Opening: 6. February 2014 at 19:00
Curator: Zombori Mónika
Remarks by: K. Horváth Zsolt
The sixties in the age of the hippies. Or is it not? In which way is the Hungarian hippie culture similar to the American, English etc. hippies’? Does the “Hungarian hippie” exist at all?

The exhibition and the connected publication dealing with the “Hungarian hippie” phenomenon – or the authority of such a term - are the results of a long selection, and they are made up by pairing two different viewpoints.

According to this the exhibition has two overlapping parts: one deals with the effects of the hippie movement on Hungarian fine art, - selected by the art historian Mónika Zombori; the other consist of original (digitalized and printed) private and public photos from the sixties-seventies, chosen by András Mezey “Golyó” who lived in and witnessed that period.