Gerber Pál
4. November 2017. - 2. December
Opening: 3. November 2017 at 19:00
At the time of my graduate year I had intended to build a bus stop like simple pavilion using my paintings. It's not that I did not consider the works being autonomous pieces, rather was my aim at empashizing the object-like materialistic character of the pictures. How much of its quality based dignity can a picture keep under the given circumstances, that appeared to simultaneoulsly concern me in this case. My concept received no support at all.

We stand at a bus stop on outer Váci út. The broken glass panes are replaced with different materials. We turn around. Several Grecos and 14th century panel paintings from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest form a block against the ice-cold wind behind our back. The roof above us is a single large piece by Fontebasso extending remarkably over the bus stop. Oil painting, which occasionally shelters from the rain as well...

Pál Gerber