Bolygó Bálint
Alchemy of light
Balint Bolygo’s Light Machines
19. October 2018. - 16. December
Opening: 18. October 2018 at 17:30
Curator: Pócs Veronika
Remarks by: Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán
Bolygo’s studio practice is a process of artistic invention involving science and engineering. His art examines how both science and art are concerned with an understanding of our Universe, and how an artist is not strictly bound by the rules of science and is able to freely explore and subvert these laws from a personal point of view. Invisible forces--gravity, optical laws, and crystalline movements on a nano-scale control his sculptural mechanisms.

The relationship between the predictable nature of a system (a machine, program, algorithm) and the unpredictability of the human touch conjures up both notions of universal order and random chaos. With the elimination of the artist’s touch, these physical forces create the artwork, shifting the emphasis from the artist to the natural “act of creation”.