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Minyó Szert Károly, Robitz Anikó, Szombathy Bálint
28. January 2014. - 14. March
Opening: 27. January 2014 at 19:30
Curator: Szombathy Bálint
Remarks by: Bordács Andrea
Károly Minyó Szert combines photosentitizing painting gestures and photography. As part of his spectacular photo-performances, Minyó, pedaling a 75-year-old bicycle in the exhibition room transformed into a darkroom and becomes the brush of nature.

Anikó Robitz’s photos of unadultered Suprematism give a whole new meaning to architectural photography and sightseeing. Traveling through the metropolises of the world, she transforms buildings into artworks of photography.

Omitting the camera as a device, Bálint Szombathy’s photographs are false images that were created by a telephotograph, an instrument once used for telecommunications. From the artist’s point of view, the grayish-black squares echo the notion of pure sensibility.
exindex 2000-2008
C3 Center for Culture and Communication